🛗 Elevator


Lift, Upward and Downward Movement, Elevation, Upliftment, Pushing Buttons, Shortcuts

🛗 Meaning: A rounded square sign with a light blue background, a smaller rectangle within, holding three identical person icons and upward and downward icons above this box, placed next to each other.

The 🛗 Elevator emoji represents using the elevator or an indication of the availability of one. This emoji could also signify the sense of being elevated, elevating something or someone, up-lifting someone, or even pushing their buttons (get it?).

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How and When to Use the 🛗 Elevator Emoji

  • If you’re trying to cheer someone up and they finally snap asking why you’re doing whatever you’re doing, go ahead, cheer them up more, by being the silly friend you are and use 🛗as a way of saying “Just tryna uplift ya, mate 🛗”.
  • If you’re texting someone not to use the elevator in your building, you can use 🛗. Like, “Listen. Btw. Its BBT all over again. Take the stairs 🛗”.
  • Speaking of taking the stairs, an elevator could also signify a shortcut. So, while suggesting the word ‘shortcut’ or its implication in any context, use 🛗. For example, “There’s never a shortcut to success, you oughta climb all the way up 🛗”.
  • If you’re feeling high and elevated, you can use 🛗 while posting a social media story/post about it or related to it. This emoji works even if your post caption goes well with the function of an elevator – “Push my buttons all you want, I ain’t moving an inch. Not your elevator, bish 🛗”.
  • Use 🛗 in the caption while reposting elevator horror stories or erotic stories (the juxtaposition is beautiful, once again).

Other Names

  • 🛗 Lift
  • 🛗 Chairlift
  • 🛗 Vertical Cable Transportation
  • 🛗 Elevator Sign
  • 🛗 Shortcut
  • 🛗 Dumbwaiter
  • 🛗 Cooperative Elevator
  • 🛗 Chute
  • 🛗 Elevator Shaft

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