🌹 Rose


Love, Passion, Valentine’s Day, Romance, Attachment, Lust, Fiery, Desire

🌹 Meaning: A flower-length description of a red rose with a little bit of green stem and stalk visible. Some platforms, however, show a couple of leaves along with the flower.

The 🌹 Rose emoji signifies love, romance, passion, desire, and depth, all based on the color of the rose. It evokes a Valentine’s sense of belonging, warmth, affection, connection, and attachment.

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How and When to Use the 🌹 Rose Emoji

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m so jobless
    and so are you
    Go on, make such silly poems, and don’t hesitate to animate the virtual vibe with the 🌹 emoji.
  • Are you sharing a Valentine’s post for your boo (or whatever you call your significant other with love)? Or are you texting your far-away lover for Valentine’s? Then, use 🌹 in those contexts!
  • You can also use 🌹 while sharing pictures of red roses from your garden or while reposting some eye-candy pictures. Since this emoji only signifies ‘Rose’, it can be used even for roses that aren’t red.
  • Use 🌹 in your social media profile name if you love roses, or you love this emoji, or your name is Rose.
  • Essentially, 🌹 can be used in the context of love, attachment, and even fairytale-ish ‘true love’. For example, if you’re posting a picture or a sketch of your favorite Disney couple, then you can use this emoji in that caption.
  • Apart from just red roses, 🌹 can also be used in captions for posts that are ‘red’; a sexy red lipstick, a red car, a red dress, anything red, maybe even red flags (hahahhah, pain).

Other Names

  • 🌹 Red Rose
  • 🌹 Red Flower
  • 🌹 Rosa
  • 🌹 Valentine’s Flower
  • 🌹 Tragic Rose
  • 🌹 Cuckoo Rose
  • 🌹 Rosaceae
  • 🌹 Rosales

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