👘 Kimono


Japanese, Tradition, Clothing, Robe, Gender-Neutrality, Cultural Attire, Unity, Commonality

👘 Meaning: A yellow full-length floral apparel designed with a small ‘V’ neck, a wide pair of sleeves that flare out at the end. The torso is designed with a broad black sash-like band that’s tied with a yellow rope on top.

The 👘 Kimono emoji represents a gender-neutral traditional Japanese outfit. Since this attire is worn by all genders and classes, this emoji could signify a sense of unity, togetherness, and commonality apart from authentic Japanese clothing.

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How and When to Use the 👘 Kimono Emoji

  • Are you asking someone to be honest? Or are you texting your bestie or any other confidante about how opaque someone is? In any of such cases, you could use 👘. How?! Scan to the next point.
  • If you want me to know know you, you gotta be an open kimono, man 👘” or “He’s like this closed kimono 👘 Idk what’s going on his head, and he wouldn’t ever tell me”.
  • If you’re posting or reposting pictures/videos of a kimono; one that you’re wearing, a video of colorful kimono styles, etc, you can use 👘 in the caption.
  • If you’re sharing informative and educational content on Japanese culture and tradition, 👘 could be one of the emoji options.

Other Names

  • 👘 Japanese Outfit
  • 👘 Dressing Gown
  • 👘 Japanese Dress
  • 👘 Traditional Japanese Attire
  • 👘 Morning Robe
  • 👘 Gender-Neutral Robe
  • 👘 Lounging Robe
  • 👘 Robe de Chambre