📿 Prayer Beads


Meditation, Spirituality, Faith, Belief, Religion, Prayer, Devotion

📿 Meaning: A beaded long thread with a yellow tassel on one end. The 📿 Prayer Beads emoji represents a device used in prayer, devotion, and meditation. Hence, it may signify all three and other aspects such as faith, belief, and hope.

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How and When to Use the 📿 Prayer Beads Emoji

  • Given the title of the emoji, use 📿 while suggesting ‘prayer’ and all its other variants in any context. For example, “Let’s just pray for the best now, okay? 📿” or “It actually feels nice to sit in prayer for a change 📿”.
  • While sharing content on meditation, use 📿; a repost on tips, a link to a soothing meditation playlist, a video on meditation for beginners, etc.
  • 📿 is also a symbol of spirituality, hence you may use it either while sharing content on social media or even while texting someone about the subject. Like, “I really want to have a spiritual path 📿”.
  • You may also use 📿 while referring to souvenirs that may have spiritual significance or not, like beaded jewelry.

Other Names

  • 📿 Japamala
  • 📿 Rosary
  • 📿 Meditation Beads
  • 📿 Misbaha
  • 📿 Mala
  • 📿 Beaded Chain