👛 Purse


Conciseness, Portability, Accessibility, Less Capacity, Coin Purse, Valuables

👛 Meaning: A pink purse with a rounded, wide, rectangular base that slightly tapers to the top, after passing a narrower cut in between, that ends in a locked pair of clutches at the rim.

The 👛 Purse emoji represents a typical female accessory. Apart from being a fashionable excuse for cutting off pockets in women’s pants, this emoji signifies storage, portability, valuables, and money or coins.

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How and When to Use the 👛 Purse Emoji

  • A purse is a concise unit of storage, that’s easy to carry around. If something or someone fits this description, feel free to use 👛 to indicate them. Like, “Omg. I could literally steal your kitten in here 👛”.
  • The capacity of a purse is quite less. So, if you’re referring to someone or something that can fit in a purse use 👛 (no, the previous point is in a different tone and context) – “Are you for real? I could legit fit the number of f*cks he gave in a 10-year relationship in this 👛 “.
  • If you’re referring to money, the one you’ve carried or the amount you have (the latter being a sad AF situation), use 👛. For example, “Ngl. I’m broke, buddy. All I have is 👛 and that too is empty. FML”.
  • 👛 could also refer to a makeup kit (if the amount of makeup you have would fit in a purse, that is).

Other Names

  • 👛 Wallet
  • 👛 Pouch
  • 👛 Coin Purse
  • 👛 Change Purse
  • 👛 Pouch
  • 👛 Money Pouch
  • 👛 Vanity Purse
  • 👛 Clutch Purse