👔 Necktie


Formal Clothing, Dress Code, Work, Business, Presentability, Smart

👔 Meaning: A seemingly square-folded blue formal shirt with white stripes and a blue-collar, completed with a yellow and white striped necktie. This emoji is gender-neutral.

The 👔 Necktie emoji signifies formal dressing, it can be for a work environment, a formal occasion, etc. Essentially, this emoji represents a sense of being presentable, crisp, and smart too (if you like formals).

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How and When to Use the 👔 Necktie Emoji

  • If you’re begging someone to kindly be presentable on an important day, use 👔. For instance, “Listen. I know it would take some extra effort, but PLEASE, PLEASE try not to be shabby 👔“.
  • Speaking of ‘importance’, 👔 could be used to refer exactly to that! How? Here’s how – “So, apparently, my boss wants to have an important ‘chat’ with moi 👔”.
  • You could also use 👔 to refer to the dress code (formals). Like, “It’s not exactly a “casual” thing. Please show up per dress code 👔”.
  • If you’re trying to text someone that you’re at work, but don’t have that much of a time span, you could use 👔 to intend the same. Also, try to keep this emoji handy for best use.
  • Apart from just formal clothing, 👔 could also represent the occasion/profession that wears them. For example, “It’s time for some show business 👔”.

Other Names

  • 👔 Formal Shirt and Tie
  • 👔 Striped Shirt and Striped Tie
  • 👔 Formal Clothing
  • 👔 Work Wear
  • 👔 Formal Dress Code
  • 👔 Business Shirt
  • 👔 Shirt and Tie
  • 👔 Tie