👝 Clutch Bag


Organizing, Portability, Travel Kit, Pouch, Concise, Fanny Pack, Storage

👝 Meaning: A profile description of a brownish pouch with a rectangular design, the two sides of which are connected by a zip strap. The thick edge of the zip overlaps the visible side of this pouch.

The 👝 Clutch Bag emoji represents a pouch, that could be used for stationery, makeup brushes, cosmetics, toiletry, etc. Apart from signifying a sense of being organized, this emoji could also suggest travel packs, wallets, fanny packs, etc.

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How and When to Use the 👝 Clutch Bag Emoji

  • A pouch would mostly contain essentials, especially in a vacation travel trolley. So, if you’re meaning ‘essentials’; both the word or its essence in any context, you may use 👝. For example, “You’ve got all that you need right here, yo 👝“.
  • Pouches are great devices to stay organized with the littlest things. If you’re popping in the idea of being organized or using the word in a post caption or a text message, use 👝. Like, “Compartmentalise your emotions, my girl. It’s very important 👝👝👝“.
  • As said in the previous section, 👝 could be used as an indication to any variant of a clutch bag as well; carry bags, travel kits, makeup kits, fanny packs, etc.
  • While sharing content precisely on clutch bags, makeup pouches, stationery pouches, etc, use 👝 in the caption to create an animated textual tone that attracts both attention and visual appeal.

Other Names

  • 👝 Pouch
  • 👝 Travel Kit
  • 👝 Makeup Pouch
  • 👝 Bag
  • 👝 Small Bag
  • 👝 Makeup Kit
  • 👝 Zip Pouch