🏫 School


Education, Discipline, Schooling, Learning, Clock Tower, Companionship, Friendship

🏫 Meaning: A typical description of an urban school, tall in stature, an upward pointed roof at the center, a huge clock below it, and the door designed beneath a protective protrusion. On either side are windows.

The 🏫 School emoji signifies education, a place of learning, literacy, nurturing, growth, and friendships too. This emoji also evokes a sense of discipline, companionship, togetherness, and routine.

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How and When to Use the 🏫 School Emoji

  • If someone is smart mouthing you either in the comments section, on a group chat, or even personally, you can use 🏫 – suggesting “Please get yourself some education 🏫”.
  • 🏫 is always a great way to get back at someone when they clearly lack knowledge, sensitivity, and awareness about a subject.
  • Besides, you can also use 🏫 to mock someone in a friendly framework (or not). For instance, “Too bad they didn’t teach you consent in school🏫, you jerk”.
  • While sharing nostalgic pictures of school, school friends, and anything related to this institute of learning, you must add🏫 in the caption or within text messages.
  • Also, if the caption to your picture/video has the word ‘school’ in it, or it resonates with the general concept of schooling, you can use 🏫. For example, “We’re all just another brick in the wall 🏫” (if you get it, you get it).

Other Names

  • 🏫 Educational Institute
  • 🏫 Academy
  • 🏫 Place of Learning
  • 🏫 Clock Tower
  • 🏫 Middle School
  • 🏫 High School
  • 🏫 Elementary School
  • 🏫 Schooling