🏨 Hotel


Accommodation, Temporary Stay, Staycation, Comfort, Price, Venue

🏨 Meaning: A tall building with an arched roof at the center, followed and preceded by a straight one. The arch is balanced by two long pillars between which is painted a capital ‘H’, a couple of windows on either side, a glass door below the logo, and plants on both sides of the door.

The 🏨 Hotel emoji is a generic representation of an accommodative place (puns definitely intended). It signifies a place to stay; which can be permanent or for definitive purposes, varying levels of comfort, security, and price, and also a venue for various events.

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How and When to Use the 🏨 Hotel Emoji

  • 🏨 can be used to refer to a place of stay and also a posh place to eat, since a ‘hotel’ is also used to refer to restaurants (the seven-star and other Michelin star restaurants).
  • If you’ve booked a hotel to accommodate your time at a new place and you’re letting someone important in your life know about it, or you’re just posting social media stories/posts about the same, use 🏨.
  • If you’re pitching in an idea for the staycation during a travel itinerary discussion, you use 🏨. This can be done even while indicating “accommodation” in any framework (post, text message, etc).
  • You can also use 🏨 in the post caption while posting or reposting some eyegasmic pictures and/or videos of hotels; it can be a ‘stay goals’ post, a picture of the beautiful and expensive hotel you stayed at, anything.
  • If you’re sharing a song, a movie, or any such information that is either briefly about a hotel or has the word ‘hotel’ in it, you can use 🏨 in such contexts too. For instance, “Mine? Hotel California is on loop 🏨”.

Other Names

  • 🏨 Inn
  • 🏨 Motel
  • 🏨 Guest House
  • 🏨 Paying Guest
  • 🏨 Lodge
  • 🏨 Temporary Place of Stay
  • 🏨 Accommodation
  • 🏨 Seven-Star Hotel
  • 🏨 Michelin-Starred Hotel