💝 Heart With Ribbon


Gift, Special Occasion, Souvenir, Chocolate Box, Jewellery Box, Wishes, Greeting

💝 Meaning: A pink or red symbol of a heart that’s actually a heart-shaped box with a yellow satin ribbon tied around and a big bow on one side. The colors in this emoji would vary across different platforms.

The 💝 Heart With Ribbon emoji signifies a gift. It can be a box of chocolates, a box of love letters, or any gift you’d give to that extra special one. It can also symbolise gifts to family and friends too.

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How and When to Use the 💝 Heart With Ribbon Emoji

  • If you’re physically away from a loved one and you want to send some warm wishes for a birthday or any other special occasion, send this emoji along with a sweet message.
  • This emoji can also be sent in a Valentine’s day context.
  • Use this emoji as a way of showing someone that you care and love them.
  • This emoji can be modified into any virtual gift box, you can send this emoji and tell the person that there’s something within (just that there wouldn’t be anything, but still a thoughtful and sweet gesture when you’re miles away).

Other Names

  • 💝 Gift Box
  • 💝 Heart
  • 💝 Love
  • 💝 Affection
  • 💝 Souvenir
  • 💝 Box of Chocolates
  • 💝 Gift Heart
  • 💝 Chocolate Box
  • 💝 Wishes

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