💘 Heart With Arrow


Love, Attraction, Infatuation, Smitten, Lovestruck, Cupid’s Arrow, Passion, Desire

💘 Meaning: A pink symbol of a heart with a blueish arrow piercing through it. The arrow in the emoji represents Cupid’s arrow that’s bound to strike the receiver(s) with intense passion and desire.

The 💘 Heart With Arrow emoji signifies a deep sense of love, passion, and intimacy. It also emojifies the whole ‘stole my heart’ phrase and can also suggest the infatuation phase or the honeymoon phase of a relationship. The colors in this emoji would vary across different platforms.

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How and When the 💘 Heart With Arrow Emoji

  • Send 💘 emoji to your bestie while telling him/her about your love life.
  • If you’ve lately been smitten, and you’re sharing it with a close someone, send 💘 emoji along.
  • 💘 emoji can also be used while talking about crushes, celeb crushes, and infatuation.
  • Send 💘 emoji as a reaction to something that stole your heart on social media.
  • If you’ve been recently taken, and you’re telling your buddies about it, send 💘 emoji alongside that sweet message.

Other Names

  • 💘 Cupid’s Arrow
  • 💘 Love
  • 💘 Infatuation
  • 💘 Crush
  • 💘 Attraction
  • 💘 Taken
  • 💘 In Love
  • 💘 Lovestruck
  • 💘 Passion
  • 💘 Desire