💕 Two Hearts


Love, Warmth, Mutual Feelings, Affection, Home, Closeness, Fondness, Lovable

💕 Meaning: Two pink hearts; a small one and a big one, positioned closely diagonal to each other. The colors of these hearts would vary across different platforms.

The 💕 Two Hearts emoji signifies love, affection, warmth, home, a romantic relationship or even a familial one. Since there are two hearts here, it can suggest a special feeling or emotion between two people.

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How and When to Use the 💕 Two Hearts Emoji

  • You can send this emoji while telling someone you love them.
  • You can also use this emoji while sending warmth to a close family member who’s physically far away.
  • This emoji can be used to show that you’re in love.
  • It basically signifies reciprocated love. So use this emoji if you think the other person also loves you just as much as you do.
  • Use this emoji with pictures of you and your doggo, catty, or any loved animal (ensure the feelings are mutual).
  • This emoji can be used as a reaction to something absolutely lovable on social media too.

Other Names

  • 💕 Love
  • 💕 In Love
  • 💕 Affection
  • 💕 Home
  • 💕 Small Hearts
  • 💕 Two Pink Hearts
  • 💕 Mutual Feelings
  • 💕 Warmth
  • 💕 Long Distance Love

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