💟 Heart Decoration


Love, Framed Heart, Decoration, Revamping, Creating Something, Designing

💟 Meaning: A white heart placed on a purple square. This emoji could also be a purple heart mold or a purple square with a heart cutout at the center. The colors in this emoji would vary across platforms.

As the name suggests, the 💟 Heart Decoration signifies decorating with hearts, like paper cutouts strung together with pictures, etc. It can also be used to show solid love, a block of hearts, a box, a cute heart-printed brick, anything.

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How and When to Use the 💟 Heart Decoration Emoji

  • If you’ve been decorating your house for a special occasion, and you want to send some pictures to your bestie for some approval, send those pictures along with this emoji.
  • This emoji can also be used while telling someone you love something, like a decoration piece, an interior decor element, house furniture, etc (tell this only to close ones and people with the same wavelength, it’s cringy otherwise).
  • If you’re starting to get to know someone, and you’re not sure as to which heart would be appropriate to send on text, you can choose this emoji.
  • If you’re revamping your room or your office space, and you’re telling that to a close someone, send this emoji in that context.
  • If you love designing and you’re telling someone about that over text, you can send this emoji along with the message.

Other Names

  • 💟 Decor
  • 💟 Love
  • 💟 Designing
  • 💟 Decorating
  • 💟 Revamp
  • 💟 Change
  • 💟 Home Decor
  • 💟 Heart in Frame