💓 Beating Heart


Love, Life, Dependability, Care, Warmth, Heart Throb, Vulnerability, Relationship, Intense Love

💓 Meaning: A pink symbol of a heart with ripples on the top two edges of the heart. These ripples represent the movement of a heartbeat. The colors used in this emoji would differ across various platforms.

As the name suggests, the 💓 Beating Heart emoji signifies a beating heart, but that’s not it. This emoji also suggest a feeling of dependence, vulnerability and trust, as the heart can also speak on volumes of beating, or continuing to beat for a particular thing or person.

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How and When to Use the 💓 Beating Heart Emoji

  • If you’re telling your best friend about a recent heart-throb, send this emoji while explaining that particular context.
  • You can also use this emoji while telling someone special that your heart beats for them (cheeeesy, but sweet).
  • This emoji also represents a sense of dependence, like your life depends on someone or something. So you can use this emoji in that kind of a context.
  • If you’re telling someone directly that you love them to bits, send this emoji with some sweet, feet-sweeping texts.

Other Names

  • 💓 Heartbeat
  • 💓 Trust
  • 💓 Love
  • 💓 Dependability
  • 💓 Vulnerability
  • 💓 Heart Throb
  • 💓 Heart Alarm
  • 💓 Life
  • 💓 WiFi Heart
  • 💓 Intense Love