12 Thanksgiving Emojis to Give Thanks, Virtually

Old traditions and new traditions coming together to make a memorable and special virtual Thanksgiving!

As the name of the holiday/festive season suggests, it’s a time of giving thanks, a time to be grateful, not just for the food we eat but for everything. All the blessings, all the bad days, all the good ones, the regrets, the happy times, everything that has brought us so far.

Usually celebrated between the last week of October and the end of November, Thanksgiving Day is an evolving occasion. It’s no longer just about saying your prayers, visiting Church, and relishing turkey dinners with family and friends. From what the pandemic has taught us, every day is a thanksgiving day as long as you’re with yours.

So. Here are some emojis that resonate with Thanksgiving Day, traditionally and contemporarily. Some are even great ideas if for a great and new Thanksgiving experience.

Sheaf Of Rice Emoji

🌾 Sheaf of Rice Emoji

No, it’s not the “rice” quotient we’re focusing on here. It’s the harvest! And since 🌾 is the only emoji that most closely aligns with the idea and common image of harvest, this sheaf of rice makes for a fitting Thanksgiving emoji.

Roasted Sweet Potato Emoji

🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato Emoji

Could there be a festival and no hype about the food?! Come on. Food is the most celebrated part of any festive celebration!

Although 🍠 roasted sweet potatoes and 🥔 Potatoes were not included in the first Thanksgiving menu, they have come to be a well-known part of Thanksgiving traditions.

Pretzel Emoji

🥨 Pretzel Emoji

The pretzel is another Thanksgiving dish or dessert. That doesn’t mean it was made for Thanksgiving, but it is a special savory relished on this special day.

There are many variations of the classic pretzel mimicking both the taste and the shape of it, all of which are equally spesh!

Turkey Emoji

🦃 Turkey Emoji

Ah. The star of the show. What good is thanksgiving with no turkey on the table? To all the vegetarian and vegan thanksgiving participants, we apologize. It’s tradition to kill birds and eat them as part of a day dedicated to gratitude 🙂.

Wrapped Gift Emoji

🎁 Wrapped Gift Emoji

Presents! Gifts are never an outdated tradition, regardless of the occasion.

Hey! Got you a present
What for?? What’s today?
Nothin special. Open it!
*finds a piece of paper saying “STFU today. My game’s on. I’ve done the dishes so please stop complaining”*

Ouch. Well. There are some designated dates and seasons for gifting, but seriously, presents never cease to make anything special. On that note. 🎁 could also signify donations, charity, and the true spirit of giving for thanksgiving!

Memo Emoji

📝 Memo Emoji

Relax. We’re not listing out tasks for the day. 📝 is here to remind y’all of making “Thank You Notes”! What good is Thanksgiving if we don’t show that we’re grateful?

This may have been your golden Thanksgiving tradition or it may be new to you. But, listing down the things you’re thankful for or even writing them to the people that you’re grateful to or for is really something.

Pie Emoji

🥧 Pie Emoji

What did we tell ya about food and festivals?

The mighty pie is another gastronomical tradition of Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter what’s stuffed within the pie; vegetarian, meat, or even fruits, what matters, in this case, is what’s on the outside. A pie.

🥧 is a metaphor for unity, togetherness, and even family. Slicing it up doesn’t mean you’re slicing apart all that it stands for! It just symbolizes family since everyone’s partaking in it, together.

Wine Glass Emoji

🍷 Wine Emoji

A glass of wine never fails to better the vibe. However, this applies only to the adults at the festive gathering. Kids, you could have a 🧃 Juice Box, or any other 🥤 Non-Alcoholic Drink of your choice.

Not being ageist with alcohol, but children don’t really understand the meaning of alcohol and the reason why adults drink it. Oh. Who are we kidding.

American Football Emoji

🏈 American Football Emoji

The specificity isn’t doing any good here.

Football is a great game to play on Thanksgiving. Why? It’s one of the most followed, loved, and uniting sports out there. Plus, wouldn’t a game of football be the perfect evening scene for Thanksgiving?

We said “specificity” because Thanksgiving may be a Western holiday, but many people even outside America enjoy and celebrate this day. So, to bring in that inclusivity, here are some general football emojis 🏉 Rugby Football and ⚽ Soccer or just Football.

Poultry Leg Emoji

🍗 Poultry Leg Emoji

Indulging in a meaty chicken leg is not what we mean here, but the possibility of finding a wishbone in the chopped-up bird.

Fork-shaped bones or wishbones have been a symbol of luck and good fortune for a very long time now, and breaking one of those with a loved one on Thanksgiving can be a special tradition.

Cookie Emoji

🍪 Cookie Emoji

When we say cookies are an integral part of Thanksgiving, we don’t mean any cookies. These are special. They are baked and decorated according to the theme of Thanksgiving and that’s what sets them apart from the ordinary!

Don’t go about baking boring cookies this Thanksgiving! Make them special.

Mobile Phone Emoji

📱 Mobile Phone Emoji

Um. I’m sorry. But HOW does a phone help during Thanksgiving? It’s a distraction! That’s what it is!

Nope. Connection! The very reason behind the invention of social media! Pretty sure the 2020 pandemic forced us to stay far from home, and from the things and people we love.

The bad news is, it may stay that way for a while. But. The good news is, we can connect with everything in a matter of seconds!

💻 Skyping your family, 📱 texting friends, sharing pictures, talking for hours, and basically celebrating Thanksgiving in real-time, online is a good way to go!

This list is an amalgamation of old and new traditions. The idea and cause behind both; constant and change, remains the same; love, togetherness, and family. We hope this list helps you extend existing traditions, virtually and give you new ideas in making your own family traditions!