🥧 Pie


Sweet, Savoury, Nice, Easy, Crusty, Term of Endearment, Main Course, Dessert

🥧 Meaning: A silver/greyish pie pan or bowl with a fully baked pie colored with a golden-brown crust, four small cuts on each diagonal side of the pie, and a crispier circumference.

Although the 🥧 Pie emoji refers to apple pie, it can be used to represent all other varieties of pie as well. This emoji can signify dessert, savory, or even the entire main course as well. It has can also have other significances based on the common phrases used by a linguistic group.

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How and When to Use the 🥧 Pie Emoji

  • While texting someone about a super easy task, project, or even a person, you can use 🥧. For example, “Man, I don’t think he even thinks rationally. He’s as easy as pie. Ugh 🥧”.
  • Apart from the above well-used idiom, 🥧 can also be used to refer to someone or something that is as sweet/nice as pie as well – “Thank you for being a sweetie pie when I was being obnoxious at times 🥧 “.
  • Is there a cutie pie in your life? Your girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/even a pet? If yes, you can use 🥧 while posting something for, about, or with them on your social media handle.
  • 🥧 can also be used to refer to someone who’s tough and gruff on the outside but a baby on the inside. Essentially, using the word ‘crusty’ in here.

Other Names

  • 🥧 Apple Pie
  • 🥧 Pastry
  • 🥧 Tart
  • 🥧 Quiche
  • 🥧 Patty
  • 🥧 Pasty
  • 🥧 Cutie Pie
  • 🥧 Sweet as a Pie
  • 🥧 Easy as Pie