📝 Memo


Bucket List, Task List, Make Notes, Memorizing, Remembrance, Agenda

📝 Meaning: A rectangular piece of white paper with some writing on it, held down by a ✏️ Pencil. The 📝 Memo emoji essentially signifies taking down notes, making a to-do list, written reminders, or even a bucket list! It can also suggest making mental notes or memorizing something too.

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How and When to Use the 📝 Memo Emoji

  • If you’re breaking the ice with someone about your bucket list, or mentioning it in a post caption, 📝 would be useful. For example, “A skydive is on my bucket list for sure 📝” or “One major bucket list item down! 📝” respectively.
  • You can also use 📝 to indicate any list and not just a bucket list. For instance, “Oh, he’s not on the list 📝 don’t worry” or “I’d suggest you list out all your goals for starters 📝”.
  • You may use 📝 even while texting someone close; a bestie, significant other, parent, etc, about your to-do list. Like, “I have tons of tasks to finish before the wedding 📝”.
  • Even while asking someone to ‘take note’ of something or make mental notes, use 📝. Like, “I honestly hope you took something useful from that pep talk 📝”.

Other Names

  • 📝 List
  • 📝 To-Do List
  • 📝 Bucket List
  • 📝 Checklist
  • 📝 Notepad
  • 📝 Notes
  • 📝 Memorandum
  • 📝 Pencil and Paper
  • 📝 Written Piece of Paper With Pencil