🎁 Wrapped Gift


Gifting, Birthday, Christmas, Wrapped Up, Package, Special, Wholesome

🎁 Meaning: A yellow box with a separate lid covering the top while the whole package is tied with a red ribbon with a bow made on top. The color of the wrapping paper would vary on different platforms.

The 🎁 Wrapped Gift emoji represents a gift, as the name suggests. But, it may also signify a special package, special occasions that are generally associated with gifting and presents such as birthdays, anniversaries, festive seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🎁 Wrapped Gift Emoji

  • If you’re the kind to find the metaphor in everything, you could use 🎁 either in a post caption or in a text message while telling someone to enjoy the present and live it to the fullest.
  • A ‘package’ could have many interpretations. If you’re texting someone about an actual package, use 🎁. Like, “Hey yo. The courier’s arriving on Tuesday 🎁 Don’t worry it’s not a gift, and it’s not for you”.
  • You could also use 🎁 while referring to the whole of something or someone. For example, “You sure you can take it up? It’s a whole package by itself 🎁”.
  • Also, use 🎁 while wishing someone on their special day! For example, “Happy birthday, baby brother! 🎁 Hope you learn the value of things this year” or “Merry Christmas!! I’m virtual Santa, giving y’all empty gifts! 🎁 How bow dah”.

Other Names

  • 🎁 Gift Box
  • 🎁 Birthday Present
  • 🎁 Christmas Gift
  • 🎁 Gift
  • 🎁 Yellow Gift Box
  • 🎁 The Present
  • 🎁 Package
  • 🎁 Wrapped Present
  • 🎁 Wrapped Gift Box