🧃 Beverage Box


Juice Box, Apple Juice, Health, Snack, Kids, Childish, Immature, Naive

🧃 Meaning: A small, rectangular green carton with a white front designed with the emoji of an apple on it, and a white straw sticking out of the hind portion of the top of the box.

The 🧃 Beverage Box emoji signifies a juice box, which precisely conveys ‘apple juice’ here, but it can be used to represent any juice box and other beverages too. It suggests a subjectively healthy drink, mostly relished by kids or that kid-at-heart.

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How and When to Use the 🧃 Beverage Box Emoji

  • If you’re out with your kid – shopping, at the movies, etc, and you’re posting social media stories or even texting someone about the same, you can use 🧃 (if your kid loves juice in a box, of course).
  • Although 🧃 suggests a “beverage” box, it most likely seems to contain just apple juice. However, you can use this emoji to represent other suitable beverages as well.
  • Juice boxes also have a sense of ‘naivety’ and ‘vulnerability’ attached to them, given the statistics of the prominent consumers; kids. So, in that light, you can use 🧃 while mocking someone as well. For example, “Oh, I’m sorry for offending your ego. Here’s some sense in a box 🧃 for you”.
  • Explicitly speaking, a juice box is apparently a slang term for a vagina as well 🙂. Considering this bizarre use and context, feel free to use 🧃 in relevant conversations, heh.

Other Names

  • 🧃 Apple Juice
  • 🧃 Apple Juice Box
  • 🧃 Juice in a Box (Apples in Chains)
  • 🧃 Carton
  • 🧃 Popper
  • 🧃 Tetra Pak Juice Box