🦃 Turkey


Domestic Pets, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Playfulness, Monogamy, Docile

🦃 Meaning: A full-body profile of a turkey with brown and white feathers, a think neck with a tiny head, a protruding beak, and a pinkish snood with caruncles. It is portrayed with a buff body and tiny legs with claws.

The 🦃 Turkey emoji can signify bright-colored physical traits, monogamy (yes, turkeys believe in soulmates), and a great sense of being playful. At the side, this emoji can also refer to that delicious, Christmassy meal (vegetarians and vegans, peace out).

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How and When to Use the 🦃 Turkey Emoji

  • If you’re posting pictures of your farm or exclusively your turkey farm, use 🦃 in those post captions. You can also do this while sharing pictures or videos of someone else’s turkey.
  • If you’re sharing pictures or videos of a turkey night with the fam or that of a new recipe you tried, then too, you can use 🦃 in that caption.
  • If you love turkeys, use 🦃 in your social media profile name.
  • Use 🦃 in post captions while sharing posts that are about turkeys, it can be informative content, viral posts, or even funny content.
  • 🦃 can also evoke a sense of being fluffy and nurturing. So, you can use this emoji both while trying to convey a motherly vibe, for instance, “Don’t worry, kiddo. We’ll get through this 🦃”. It induces both hilarity and warmth into a context.

Other Names

  • 🦃 Turkey-Cock (a male turkey)
  • 🦃 Christmas Bird (again, vegetarians and vegans, we’re sorry if you’re offended or angry)
  • 🦃 Thanksgiving Bird (same as above)
  • 🦃 Turkey-Hen
  • 🦃 Fowl
  • 🦃 Gobbler