🥨 Pretzel


German Snack, Savoury, Sweet, Infinity, Loops, Intertwined, Charity, Love

🥨 Meaning: Two symmetrical loops on either side that are knotted in between followed by a smaller loop at the bottom, while all follow a circular kind of pattern. The entire savory is sprinkled with white dots that either suggest a glaze or some kind of a topping.

The 🥨 Pretzel emoji is a sweet and salty dish that’s Germanic by origin. Given the loops and interlocks in the dough, this emoji can signify infinity, entanglement (haha), good luck, wellness, and even charity since pretzels are one of the commonly distributed foods to the needy.

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How and When to Use the 🥨 Pretzel Emoji

  • If you’re confessing your love for food or for someone who’s just as goofy as you are over food (and you, of course), you can use 🥨 in all those ‘infinite’ or ‘forever’ contexts. For instance, “I virtually vow to love you and all the food you would make for me forever 🥨 “.
  • Since 🥨 has quite a lot of loops, this emoji can be used to signify symmetry and a sense of mirroring something or someone. For example, if you’re sharing a picture of you twinning with your bestie, you can use 🥨 in such captions or in other Dark-ish contexts too.
  • Charity is one of the common significances of pretzels, and so, you can use 🥨 while posting or reposting anything related to giving for the good. Like, “This Thanksgiving, let’s extend the spirit of gratitude and love beyond our families. Give and grow! 🥨“.
  • 🥨 also fits great into ‘entanglement’ or ‘entangled’ circumstances, anything intertwined, basically.

Other Names

  • 🥨 Sweet Pretzel
  • 🥨 Salty Pretzel
  • 🥨 German Snack
  • 🥨 Pastry
  • 🥨 Baked Savoury
  • 🥨 Glazed Knot