🍪 Cookie


Choco Chip Cookie, Dessert, Biscuit, Baking, Cookie Jar, Cookie Crumbles

🍪 Meaning: A flat, round brown (chocolate) biscuit with a couple of tiny brown droplets (choco chips) on it. Although this emoji refers to a chocolate chip cookie, it can be used to represent any cookie.

The 🍪 Cookie emoji signifies dessert, yes, but it can have an array of other interpretations too. It can suggest a sense of being smart and/or tough, losing something or someone in your life (crumbling), or even a way of mocking someone’s need for entitlement.

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How and When to Use the 🍪 Cookie Emoji

  • If someone’s texting you about a tiny and almost insignificant achievement of theirs, you can use 🍪 while responding. For instance, “Yeah, yeah. Congratulations on finally thinking the way EVOLVED HUMANS think. Here, have a cookie for achievement 🍪”.
  • If you’re talking about a date or anyone else who was super smart (brain-wise) in person as compared to their pictures or online presence, you can use 🍪 – “Oh. He was one smaaart cookie 🍪”. It can also be used to refer to someone who’s too smart for your nonsense as well.
  • Similarly, 🍪 can be used to refer to a tough cookie.
  • If you’re texting someone about how you feel or see your life crumbling to chocolate droppings (in a not-so-miserable way, yes. If it’s serious, please call your best friend, cry about it and eat a bucket of cookies), you can use 🍪.
  • If you were caught with your hand in the cookie jar, literally or metaphorically, you can use 🍪 either while texting someone about that hilarious, traumatizing, or even embarrassing (or all three) incident.

Other Names

  • 🍪 Chocolate Cookie
  • 🍪 Choco Chip Cookie
  • 🍪 Biscuit
  • 🍪 Chocolate Biscuit
  • 🍪 Smart Cookie
  • 🍪 Tough Cookie
  • 🍪 Cookie Jar
  • (pretty much all the popular idioms)