😘 Face Blowing a Kiss


Kiss, Love, Affection, Warmth, Heart

😘 Meaning: The Face Blowing a Kiss emoji is a yellow winking face, with a scrunched mouth to look like a kiss, then there’s a heart on the side of the face like the mouth is blowing a kiss. This emoji is used to express love, affection, and warmth.

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How and When to Use 😘 Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji

  • You can use this emoji with a good morning, good night, or even a goodbye text.
  • Send gazillion of this emoji to your SO if you’re the cheesy kind.
  • You can also send this emoji to show your affection towards something a loved one sent (depending on the context, of course).
  • Is it a loved one’s birthday, and you’re far away? Blow some kisses, and your texts would carry it across!

Other Names

  • 😘 Loving Kiss
  • 😘 Affectionate Face
  • 😘 Blowing a Kiss
  • 😘 Kissing Face
  • 😘 Loving Face
  • 😘 Lovely

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