🫂 People Hugging


Love, Virtual Hugs, Affection, Heart Warming, Support, Forgiveness, Warmth, Togetherness

🫂 Meaning: A double-charactered emoji with the silhouettes of two people hugging with their hands around each other and their heads fixed together like puzzle pieces; a proper, warm, bear hug silhouette.

The 🫂 People Hugging emoji is an outline of two people hugging; who are differentiated with shades of blues. It signifies affection, compassion, gender-neutrality (because love is love), warmth, and support.

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How and When to Use the 🫂 People Hugging Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a post about spreading love and compassion, you can use 🫂 in such post captions.
  • 🫂 can also be used in personal textual conversations, as a way of sending a warm, tight hug which is not really visible in the 🤗 Hugging Face emoji, nor the 👐 Open Hands emoji.
  • If someone’s in need of a hug or if someone’s feeling low, you can use 🫂 as a way of sending some love and warm support.
  • If you came across a post that seems to be seeking attention or a “That’s okay, you tried. Now stop crying” kind of a post, you can use 🫂 as an emoji response while commenting on that post.
  • 🫂 can also signify the same person; two shades of the same color (no poetry intended, but it can mean two sides of the same person). So, you can use this emoji in your social media profile name to denote unconditional self-love and self-forgiveness.
  • The above usage of 🫂 can also be replicated in a post caption that speaking about self-love.
  • If you’re sharing an appreciation post or encouragement for someone (make sure that someone is not your S.O., your best friend, nor family, because this emoji just doesn’t fit into such relationships) you can use 🫂 in that post caption, like “Thank you so much for always being there 🫂.

Other Names

  • 🫂 Two People Hugging
  • 🫂 A Silhouette of Two People Hugging
  • 🫂 Virtual Hugs
  • 🫂 Sending Hugs on Text
  • 🫂 Holographic Hugs
  • 🫂 Love
  • 🫂 Hugging
  • 🫂 Hugs
  • 🫂 Bear Hugs
  • 🫂 Warm Hugs
  • 🫂 Affectionate Hugs