👨‍🍼 Man Feeding Baby


Fatherhood, Paternity, Paternal Duties, Equal Responsibility, Equality, Love, Fatherly Care, Warmth

👨‍🍼 Meaning: A chest-length portrayal of a man holding a baby in his arms, while looking at the infant with a warm and affectionate face and feeding him/her with the baby bottle.

The 👨‍🍼 Man Feeding Baby emoji refers to any man who would feed a newborn, it can be the father, a close family, a close friend, anyone (a man, of course). It signifies fatherly affection, warmth, love, and nourishment.

A very new addition to the emoji list 👨‍🍼 is yet to be available on all platforms. It would be soon available in the designated skin tones on supported platforms as well.

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How and When to Use the 👨‍🍼 Man Feeding Baby Emoji

  • If you recently had a baby and you’re feeding him/her while the baby momma rests, you can use 👨‍🍼 either while posting about what you’re doing or while directly messaging your buddies about it.
  • The 👨‍🍼 emoji signifies the much-needed paternal love, care, and fatherly involvement with the baby. It helps to break stereotypes and destroys the patriarchal notion of the woman doing all the work (yay).
  • Apart from just feeding the baby, 👨‍🍼 can also signify fatherly duties towards his newborn. It can be diaper changing, showering, putting the baby to sleep, etc.
  • 👨‍🍼 can also refer to a manny (a male nanny).
  • You can also use 👨‍🍼 in contexts of equality, equal parental responsibilities, and even while talking or posting about paternity leaves or anything paternity-related.
  • 👨‍🍼 can be used while congratulating a new dad too, like “Congratulations! Welcome to the club 👨‍🍼”. You can also couple this emoji with other expressive emojis or any other emoji(s) that you like.

Other Names

  • 👨‍🍼 Man Feeding a Baby
  • 👨‍🍼 Paternal Care
  • 👨‍🍼 Father’s Duties
  • 👨‍🍼 Paternal Nurturing
  • 👨‍🍼 Nourishment
  • 👨‍🍼 Fatherhood
  • 👨‍🍼 Manny
  • 👨‍🍼 Male Nanny
  • 👨‍🍼 Paternity
  • 👨‍🍼 New Dad