🥰 Smiling Face With Hearts


Affection, Love, Adorable, Feeling Loved, Grateful, Crush

🥰 Meaning: The Smiling Face With Hearts emoji is a yellow face with a pleasant and relaxed smile (plus a little blush) with three red hearts on the outline of the face. This emoji signifies the ‘feeling loved’ FB emotion.

It reflects a relaxed sense of feeling belonged and in love. It can also resonate with a slight crush on something/someone or finding something/someone adorable.

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When and How to Use the 🥰 Smiling Face With Hearts Emoji

  • When someone sends you something really sweet and it makes you ‘feel loved’, use this emoji as a response (along with words, of course)
  • If you’re talking about someone you have a massive crush on, use this emoji to not seem thirsty but rather appreciative of the person.
  • If ‘you’re feeling cute, and wouldn’t delete later’, use this emoji with your pictures, texts, videos, anything.
  • You could also use this emoji to show that you’re in love.

Other Names

  • 🥰 Being in Love Face
  • 🥰 Adorable Face
  • 🥰 Emoji With Hearts
  • 🥰 In Love Face
    🥰 Crush
  • 🥰 Lovely