👩‍✈️ Woman Pilot


Captain, Commander, Aviation, Manoeuvring, Skill, Practice, Training, Aeronauts, Flying, Costume, Agility

👩‍✈️ Meaning: A shoulder-length description of a woman with short hair covering the back of the neck, who’s wearing the typical pilot’s leather bomber hat, and a pilot’s uniform.

The 👩‍✈️ Woman Pilot emoji refers to any woman working as a pilot irrespective of the chronology of license. It suggests a sense of direction (no puns intended), navigation, skill, practice, confidence, calmness, and mental agility.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👩‍✈️ Woman Pilot Emoji

  • Use 👩‍✈️ in post captions while sharing anything about the aviation industry, especially news updates about women in the industry.
  • If you’re posting a proud picture of your first day as a pilot, use 👩‍✈️ in the caption.
  • You can also use 👩‍✈️ while posting about other female pilots that you personally look up to or are generally very inspiring.
  • 👩‍✈️ can be incorporated into posts that are about the evolution of women pilots in the industry, much like an empowerment post.
  • If you’re going to dress up as a pilot for a Halloween party or a dress-up event, then use 👩‍✈️ in such a context to let your buddies know about it (unless you want them to look forward to a surprise).
  • You can use 👩‍✈️ as an emoji response to posts about airplanes, aviation, women in the flying industry, anything related to airplanes, basically.
  • 👩‍✈️ can also be used in a role-playing context.

Other Names

  • 👩‍✈️ Female Pilot
  • 👩‍✈️ Aviator
  • 👩‍✈️ Navigator
  • 👩‍✈️ Aircrew
  • 👩‍✈️ Airwoman
  • 👩‍✈️ Birdwoman
  • 👩‍✈️ Leader
  • 👩‍✈️ Flyer
  • 👩‍✈️ Female Aeronaut
  • 👩‍✈️ Aeronaut
  • 👩‍✈️ Captain
  • 👩‍✈️ Commander
  • 👩‍✈️ Wingwoman