👱‍♀️ Woman: Blond Hair


Blond Hair, Light Coloured Hair, Strawberry Blond, Bleached Hair, Naturally Blond, Ash Tresses

👱‍♀️ Meaning: A generic representation of an adult woman’s face with side-parted blond hair in a ponytail, this emoji refers to a woman with either natural blond tresses or even salon-styled and dyed blond hair.

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👱‍♀️ Woman: Blond Hair Emoji

  • 👱‍♀️ works great if you’re describing or talking about a blond woman in your chats (just the hair please, refrain from derogatory stereotypes).
  • If you’re on the way to get your hair colored in some gorgeous blond dye or just to get some streaks, use 👱‍♀️ either in your social media stories or as in DMs to your buddies as an indication about the plan.
  • You could also use 👱‍♀️ while posting pictures or even videos of your newly colored blond hair, or your natural blond hair, especially on those blessed great hair days.
  • If you’re talking about another person in your life going blond, use 👱‍♀️ in such a context.
  • You could also send the 👱‍♀️ emoji along with hair care and hair routine posts, particularly for blond hair.

Other Names

  • 👱‍♀️ Blond Hair
  • 👱‍♀️ Blond Streaks
  • 👱‍♀️ Natural Blond
  • 👱‍♀️ Bleached Hair
  • 👱‍♀️ Light Hair
  • 👱‍♀️ Strawberry Blond
  • 👱‍♀️ Ash Blond
  • 👱‍♀️ Blond Girl
  • 👱‍♀️ Blond Women