🧎‍♀️ Woman Kneeling


Devotion, Relaxation, Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Sitting, Proposal, Dedication, Respect, Salah, Namaz

🧎‍♀️ Meaning: A full-body description of a woman sitting down completely on her knees, keeping her arms on her thighs while she holds her body in a relaxed, crouched posture, while her head looks a little downwards.

The 🧎‍♀️ Woman Kneeling emoji signifies a prayerful posture. But it can also suggest a yoga position, a gesture of defeat and sadness, punishment (the clean kind or worse, the rice kind), and even a posture of extending a marriage proposal (only on some platforms).

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🧎‍♀️ Woman Kneeling Emoji

  • If you’re posting a religious or spiritual post or tweet about the faith you believe in and/or follow, you can use 🧎‍♀️ either in the post caption or within the tweet itself.
  • You can use 🧎‍♀️ while posting about something that you’re dedicated to. It can be your girl gang, a mantra that you follow in life, a book series, a music album, anything. For example, “If it wasn’t for the Beatles, I’d have a very sad outlook towards life 🧎‍♀️. Bless up”.
  • 🧎‍♀️ also signifies a yoga posture or a relaxation body position. So, if you’re doing either of the two and you’re posting, tweeting, or texting someone about it, then use this emoji in such contexts.
  • The 🧎‍♀️ emoji does a half kneel on platforms such as Twitter and Google. So, on such platforms, you can use this emoji in the context of a marriage proposal. If you’re reposting a very sweet proposing video or picture on Twitter, or you’re tweeting a video of you getting down on your knees for the love of your life, you can use 🧎‍♀️ in those contexts.
  • If you’re posting a picture of your house pet sitting down, looking as adorable as ever, you can use 🧎‍♀️ in the post caption. For instance, “I be chillin’ like 🧎‍♀️ while you clean up the mess I made. You brought me home, momma “.

Other Names

  • 🧎‍♀️ Woman on Her Knees
  • 🧎‍♀️ Praying
  • 🧎‍♀️ Devotion
  • 🧎‍♀️ Salah
  • 🧎‍♀️ Namaz
  • 🧎‍♀️ Relaxing
  • 🧎‍♀️ Yoga
  • 🧎‍♀️ Woman Sitting Down
  • 🧎‍♀️ Bow
  • 🧎‍♀️ Woman Bowing Down
  • 🧎‍♀️ Kneeling
  • 🧎‍♀️ Punishment
  • 🧎‍♀️ Marriage Proposal
  • 🧎‍♀️ Chilling
  • 🧎‍♀️ Woman Meditating