🧏‍♀️ Deaf Woman


Hearing Disability, Deafness, Hearing Difficulties, Deaf Awareness, Sign Language, Communication

🧏‍♀️ Meaning: A super close portrayal of the right side of a woman’s face with hair covering the back of her neck and the right hand raised to the face. The forefinger is touching the cheek with movement indicated by the curved lines on top of the hand.

The 🧏‍♀️ Deaf Woman emoji refers to any woman with a hearing disability. It can also signify the sign language or the American Sign Language (ASL) taught to and used by the deaf community as a way of learning and using communication.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🧏‍♀️ Deaf Woman Emoji

  • If you’re telling someone that you have a hearing disability over text, you can use 🧏‍♀️.
  • You can also use 🧏‍♀️ while telling that someone close to you has a hearing difficulty or disability.
  • 🧏‍♀️ can be used in post captions if your post either involves you, an inspiration you look up to, or a general post about deafness and the deaf community.
  • If you or someone you know has started taking sign language classes, you can use 🧏‍♀️ in such contexts.
  • If you’re trying to raise deaf awareness either with a powerful message, picture, or video, use 🧏‍♀️ .
  • You can pair up 🧏‍♀️ and the 🦻 Ear With Hearing Aid emoji to suggest someone close to get a hearing aid or to indicate that you are getting one.

Other Names

  • 🧏‍♀️ Deaf Adult
  • 🧏‍♀️ Deaf Lady
  • 🧏‍♀️ Deafness
  • 🧏‍♀️ Hearing Disability
  • 🧏‍♀️ Auditory Difficulties
  • 🧏‍♀️ Deaf Community
  • 🧏‍♀️ American Sign Language (ASL)
  • 🧏‍♀️ Sign Language
  • 🧏‍♀️ Woman With Hearing Disability
  • 🧏‍♀️ Communication
  • 🧏‍♀️ Interaction
  • 🧏‍♀️ Deaf Awareness

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