👱‍♂️ Man: Blond Hair


Blond Hair, Natural Blond, Dyed Hair, Bleached Hair, Blond Wig

👱‍♂️ Meaning: A general facial description of a man with side-parted blond hair. This emoji refers to men with blond hair; that is either natural, colored or even a wig.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👱‍♂️ Man: Blond Hair Emoji

  • Use 👱‍♂️ while describing a blond-haired man in your chats.
  • You could also use 👱‍♂️ as a reaction to gorgeous blond hair that you come across on social media. Remember to couple it with your other favorite emojis to add impact.
  • If you’re the one flaunting your amazing hair day, or you recently got your hair colored to blond, use 👱‍♂️ in your picture captions, if and when you post those flawless pictures.
  • Send 👱‍♂️ along with posts that are either about blond hair or have blond-haired men in them to your buddies or someone in need of some blond hair tips.

Other Names

  • 👱‍♂️ Blond Hair
  • 👱‍♂️ Man With Blond Hair
  • 👱‍♂️ Bleached Hair
  • 👱‍♂️ Light-colored Tresses
  • 👱‍♂️ Hair Dye
  • 👱‍♂️ Blond Hair Colour
  • 👱‍♂️ Blond Wig
  • 👱‍♂️ Natural Blond