Tag: Drink

☕ Hot Beverage

Coffee, Caffeine, Rainy Weather, Comfort, Warmth, Hot Chocolate, Coffee Date

🫖 Teapot

Tea Party, Get Together, Friendship, Affection, Tea, Tea Brands, Tea Break, Kettles

🍶 Sake

Japanese Liquor, Hot Beverage, Fermented Rice, Alcohol

🍷 Wine Glass

Raising a Toast, Celebration, Relaxation, Cheers, Ageing, Fine Wine

🍺 Beer Mug

Chill, Relax, Watch a Game, Drinking, Pubs, Bars, Beer Steins, Beer Pong

🥃 Tumbler Glass

Whiskey, Whiskey on the Rocks, Neat Drink, Wind Down, Party, Drinking Session

🥤 Cup With Straw

Non-Alcoholic Beverage, Casual Situation, Juice Cup, Coffee Cup, Milkshakes

🍹 Tropical Drink

Tropical Destination, Exotic, Travel, Vacation, Summers, Cooling, Laid Back, Relaxation

🧋 Bubble Tea

Taiwan Bubble Tea, Tea With Tapioca Balls, Boba, Chilled Drink, Summers, Taiwan Pearls

🧃 Beverage Box

Juice Box, Apple Juice, Health, Snack, Kids, Childish, Immature, Naive

🧉 Mate

Caffeine, Strong Coffee, South American Caffeinated Drink, Stimulant

🧊 Ice

Ice Cube (both nouns), On the Rocks, Drinking,

🫗 Pouring Liquid

Pouring, Throwing, Distaste, Hateful, Accident, Spill, Drink, Libation, Wasteful, Drink