🧊 Ice


Ice Cube (both nouns), On the Rocks, Drinking,

🧊 Meaning: An ice cube with bluish tints and shades stroked across the design along with some white frequencies. The 🧊 Ice emoji signifies the cold, winter, freezing, ice cubes, and alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks that could use some ice. It can also have some metaphorical significances.

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How and When to Use the 🧊 Ice Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone to get some whiskey while you, being the Alan Harper of real-life would provide just the ice, you may shamelessly use 🧊 (all in good spirit, of course. Allpunsintended).
  • If you’re texting someone about something ‘cold’ that happened or if one of your friends said something icy on a group chat, you can use 🧊 as a way of saying, “Wow. Not now, stone-cold Stephanie 🧊”.
  • If you’re referring to ‘whiskey on the rocks’ in any context, use 🧊 and pair it with the 🥃 Tumbler Glass emoji.
  • If you’re a true Ice Cube fan and you’re also a true goof (playful. Not silly/stupid), then, feel free to use 🧊 in your social media profile name, or while sharing anything about him on social media (no implications, it’s just a funny coincidence 🙂).
  • Generally speaking, 🧊 can be used in common themes such as ‘winter’, ‘cold’, ‘icicles’, ‘snow cones’, etc. Which also equally applies to any ice-based desserts, drinks, people, anything.

Other Names

  • 🧊 Ice Cube
  • 🧊 Cube of Ice
  • 🧊 Icy
  • 🧊 Icicle
  • 🧊 Frost
  • 🧊 Black Ice 🙂
  • 🧊 Ice Cold
  • 🧊 Glaze
  • 🧊 Atom of an Iceberg

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