🥄 Spoon


Silverware, Silver Spoon, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Kitchenware, Spooning

🥄 Meaning: A greyish-silver metal finished spoon placed diagonally. The 🥄 Spoon emoji signifies food cutlery that is more directed either towards rice and gravy-based food that requires a spoon to relish the dish. It can also have interpretations reflecting human intimacy.

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How and When to Use the 🥄 Spoon Emoji

  • ‘Born with a silver spoon’ or just ‘silver spoon’ – a common phrase used to refer to the affluent can be backed up with 🥄 in the emoji world as well. For instance, “Look. I know you’re a lucky mofo born with a silver spoon 🥄, and you can afford the shit you’re saying. Not everyone’s like that bro, so STFU”.
  • If you’re sharing pictures of your bowl of soup, you can use 🥄 as a way of saying, “Bon appetit! I shall now dig into this lifeless soup that very much reflects my life 🥄”.
  • If you’re referring to someone who’s dumb as a doorknob or even a hopeless romantic, you may use 🥄 aka ‘spoon(e)y’. For example, “Oh, geez. I’d rather not show up, that guy’s not a chick magnet, he’s spoony af 🥄”. Similarly, it can also be used to signify being ‘spoonish’.
  • Spooning is a term given to sexual human intimacy. So, if you’re trying to spice up your virtual sex life with some detailing, you may use 🥄. You can also use this emoji to let your romantic partner know that you’re in dire need of some cuddles and the aftermath 😬 .
  • While sharing recipes online, you may want to drop in the 🥄 emoji next to sections that mention ‘tablespoon/tbsp’ or ‘teaspoon/tsp’.

Other Names

  • 🥄 Silver Spoon
  • 🥄 Spooning
  • 🥄 Silverware
  • 🥄 Spoon(e)y
  • 🥄 Spoonish
  • 🥄 Food Cutlery
  • 🥄 Ladle (to an extent)
  • 🥄 Tablespoon
  • 🥄 Teaspoon