🍴 Fork and Knife


Dining, Food, Gastronomy, Foodie, Restaurant, Kitchen

🍴 Meaning: A metallic fork and knife seemingly grey in color, placed parallelly next to each other. The 🍴 Fork and Knife emoji signifies food, eating, and the kitchen. It also conveys generic themes such as dining, restaurants, and gastronomy.

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How and When to Use the 🍴 Fork and Knife Emoji

  • If your bestie is trying to cheer you up with food emojis, you can play along (if you want to) and send 🍴 as a way of saying “Thanks bitch! I’mma gorge on this delicious turkey! 🍴 (which I need to still cook).
  • Unlike 🍽 Fork and Knife With Plate, 🍴 can be used for any kind of food; main course, dessert, anything.
  • You can also use 🍴 in the side while posting recipes in a social media post caption, within a story, or even while texting someone the same.
  • Also, 🍴 does not convey that you’re immediately eating (coz there ain’t no plate, darlin). So, you can use this emoji while indicating a near-future dinner plan (brunch, lunch, anything), or even while texting someone about a restaurant or while posting something on social media about the same.
  • If you’re a foodie, 🍴 would be a great emoji to have in your social media profile name (here a foodie, everywhere a foodie. I need no plate bishes). The same applies even if yours is a kitchen/food-based social media page.

Other Names

  • 🍴 Food Cutlery
  • 🍴 Cutlery
  • 🍴 Silverware
  • 🍴 Flatware
  • 🍴 Dining
  • 🍴 Gastronomy
  • 🍴 Restaurant
  • 🍴 Food