🔪 Kitchen Knife


Cooking, Kitchenware, Killed It, Virtual Kill, Vibe Kill, Weaponry, Hunt

🔪 Meaning: A downward-facing knife with a thick black handle designed with three white dots on it and an edgy silvery knife attached to it. On some platforms, it has a sad finish (sorry, everyone, except Twitter).

The 🔪 Kitchen Knife emoji signifies the kitchen, of course, but it can also suggest the common phrase of ‘killed it!‘ or ‘I’mma kill you‘. It can also refer to swords, daggers, and other related weaponry too.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🔪 Kitchen Knife Emoji

  • If your bestie sent you something extraordinary, too good to be true or just fkn amazing, you can either use 🔪 while responding to that post/text message or even while reposting the same – to indicate “Wooowww. You go gurl! Killing it as always 🔪 !!!“.
  • Use 🔪 even while commenting on kickass pictures/videos. For some reason, this emoji has a badass vibe attached to it, so use it in such contexts. However, if the framework differs, ensure to mention it like the next point.
  • You can also use 🔪 while referring to/reposting/commenting on noob posts too – like, “Geez, what a vibe kill 🔪”.
  • If someone’s acting way too smart and kind of ‘asking for it’ (a whack, that is), you can send 🔪 indicating, “Bro, I’mma find you and kill your damn face 🔪”.
  • Now, the usual use case of 🔪 – use it in contexts that revolve around themes such as ‘kitchen’, ‘chef’, ‘butchery’, and ‘Gordon Ramsey’ 🙂.

Other Names

  • 🔪 Steel Knife
  • 🔪 Knife
  • 🔪 Blade
  • 🔪 Cutter
  • 🔪 Carver (sheesh)
  • 🔪 Edgy Knife
  • 🔪 Butcher’s Knife