🐌 Snail


Slow Movement, Sluggish, Patience, Self-Defense, Calm, Easy Going, Crawling

🐌 Meaning: A full-body profile of a snail with a brown spiral shell and a slimy body of a lighter shade that tapers from the head to the tail. The face doesn’t show any detailing except for two antennas on top of the head.

The 🐌 Snail emoji refers to a garden snail, but it can be used while suggesting other breeds too. This emoji signifies slow movement, slimy nature, quick self-defense, and a sense of being calm, easy-going, and taking things slow.

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How and When to Use the 🐌 Snail Emoji

  • If you’re discussing about a life decision that you’re planning to take slow, you can use 🐌 in that context. Like, “I think the best way forward is to not rush into things and instead, take it slow 🐌”.
  • You can use 🐌 to generally refer to anything that is slow, even your bestie who takes forever to get dressed.
  • Apart from slow movement, snails can signify patience. So, if you’re advising someone about being patient, you can use 🐌 in such a conversation. For instance, “Delayed gratification is alright in the face of hard work and true work 🐌.
  • If you love snails and/or you love their vibe, or you just love the 🐌 emoji, you can use it in your social media profile name.
  • Lastly, use 🐌 while sharing posts about snails; it can be an informative post, a funny meme, or even a portrait from your own snail photography archive.

Other Names

  • 🐌 Garden Snail
  • 🐌 Slug
  • 🐌 Land Snail
  • 🐌 Shelled Gastropod
  • 🐌 Grove Snail
  • 🐌 Gastropod
  • 🐌 Mollusca
  • 🐌 Gary the Snail
  • 🐌 Turbo (the snail)