🦟 Mosquito


Bloodsucking, Buzzing, Annoyance, Summers, Rainy Season, Breeding, Deadly Insects

🦟 Meaning: A full-length profile of a mosquito with a dark brown body that’s divided into 3 rounded parts, a pair of translucent wings on the back, and six hairy legs with three on either side of the body.

The 🦟 Mosquito emoji signifies summers and the calm after a raging monsoon storm as well. This emoji refers to mosquito traits such as endless buzzing near a sleeping ear, blood-sucking, and the ability to spread deadly diseases 🙂.

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How and When to Use the 🦟 Mosquito Emoji

  • If someone’s going to bed at a time you’re not even half as sleepy and you want to bug that person until they agree to stay up with you (moronic, but it happens), you can constantly send 🦟 as a way of haunting their ears each time they try to sleep.
  • If you’re sharing informative content about a disease outbreak that’s spread or is spreading via these little, dangerous guys, you can use 🦟 in such captions.
  • You can also use 🦟 while exaggerating their blood-sucking capacities. For instance, is there someone or something that’s sucking the life out of you? Then, you can use this emoji while texting someone close about it. “Jesus CHRIST! Can somebody save me from this woman who thinks she OWNS ME! 🦟”.
  • If you’re a little buzzed after some subjectively blissful intoxication, and you’re texting someone about the scene, you can use 🦟 to indicate ‘buzz’ (smart no?)
  • Btw, only female mosquitoes bit and suck your blood. So, feel free to refer the 🦟 emoji to that special someone *painful sarcasm*.

Other Names

  • 🦟 Bloodsucker
  • 🦟 Vermin
  • 🦟 Insect
  • 🦟 Flying Insect
  • 🦟 Mosquitoes
  • 🦟 Buzzing Flies
  • 🦟 Disease Spreaders