🪳 Cockroach


Indestructible, Survival, Pest, Disgust, Crawlies, Cockroach Startup, Intruder

🪳 Meaning: A flat brown body with varying shades of the same color all across the body, a tiny head with a pair of black eyes and brown antennas, and 6 legs with three on either side of the body.

The 🪳 Cockroach emoji refers to the common human-enemy, roaches. This emoji signifies survival, intrusion, unwelcome guests, and a sense of disgust and discomfort expressed towards these creatures by humans (ironically, cockroaches feel the same way about us too).

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How and When to Use the 🪳 Cockroach Emoji

  • If you’re ranting about a roach infestation in your apartment to someone, you can use 🪳 in such scenarios (after calling pest control, of course).
  • Since cockroaches are almost impossible to destroy and have one of the highest survival rates amongst many insects, 🪳 can be used to refer to a person, a situation, or even a business that resonates with such traits.
  • Believe it or not, cockroaches have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. So, 🪳 can be used to signify someone or something who’s been around for as long as you can remember. For instance, “Man, that woman’s so old, I remember seeing her since I was 6 years old and SHE NEVER AGES! 🪳”.
  • 🪳 can be used in the contexts of ‘pests’, ‘insects’, and ‘crawlers’ or even just the word ‘crawl’. Like, “Oh I’m sorry, was I suppose to crawl onto your feet for forgiveness? 🪳”.
  • If you’re sharing posts that have roaches in it, then you must use 🪳 in such captions, it can be pictures and/or videos from your own gallery or even a repost/retweet.

Other Names

  • 🪳 Roaches
  • 🪳 Palmetto Bug (Florida Woods Cockroach)
  • 🪳 Brown Bug
  • 🪳 Water Bug
  • 🪳 Croton Bug (German Cockroach)
  • 🪳 Oggy and the Cockroaches
  • 🪳 Vermin
  • 🪳 Insect
  • 🪳 Crawly
  • 🪳 Pest