🪲 Beetle


Crawling, Flying, Bugs, Icky, Beauty, Nature, Beetles, Green Beetle, Beetlebrain, Vibrant, Colorful

Meaning: A six-legged bug with a glossy green exterior. It is described with a small head, two eyes, a pair of antennae, and a semi-rounded body layered with wings. It’s shown with a brown body on some platforms.

The 🪲 Beetle emoji represents beetles, not THE beetles, just beetles (without the A). It signifies nature, insects, and the physical characteristics of a beetle/bug such as crawlability, flyability, and maybe even stingability. 🪲 also works in non-obvious spheres.

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How and When to Use the 🪲 Beetle Emoji

  • Talking first about the non-obvious use-case, crawling. We know that 🪲 crawl in real life, but guess what, they do that on search engines too. Crawling, which in this case, means checking and scanning through the credibility of a particular page. 🪲 works in such a context too.
  • For example, “We need to establish the authenticity before the attractive quotient 🪲” or “You gotta be yourself if you want to survive the real world, coz when there are two of the same kind, one cancels 🪲“.
  • Lovebugs exist, however not necessarily the same way in spoken English. That phrase could mean that 🪲 carries love in its heart. For instance, “Look who’s bitten by a love bug 🪲” (it means you’re in love).
  • 🪲 could also represent a “beetlebrain”. Offensive, yes. But, we don’t mind making anything apart from humans offensive. Like, “And you expected that out of his beetlebrain? 🪲 Lol you’re funny as hell”.
  • If you’re referring to bugs on a general note, you can use 🪲. This applies to any insect that can fly. Given they’re half as pretty.

Other Names

  • 🪲 Beetles
  • 🪲 Green Beetle
  • 🪲 Green Bug
  • 🪲 Insect
  • 🪲 Crawling
  • 🪲 Creepy Crawlies

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