💿 Optical Disk


Storage Space, Music, Compact Disk, CD ROM, Record Player, Turnables, DJ-ing

💿 Meaning: A round Compact Disk or CD designed with a small hole at the center and an overall faint rainbow on its visible layer. The 💿 Optical Disk emoji signifies a versatile form of storage. This emoji could represent a space for storing music, audio files, movies, video files, and other docs.

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How and When to Use the 💿 Optical Disk Emoji

  • While sharing content about music, 💿 is a great emoji to have in the caption; it can be a repost about an album, a new single you released, a collection of music, or even a nostalgic mix.
  • Apart from just compact disks or CDs, 💿 could also be used as a reference to turnables or record players. So, if you’re posting or reposting DJ content precisely, 💿 can be in the context.
  • Since record players are generally used to savor a finer flavor of any given music track, you could use 💿 in contexts that capture this essence. For example, “A tough Saturday night after work, a glass of wine and the Beatles on the record is the perfect scene 💿”.

Other Names

  • 💿 Compact Disc
  • 💿 CD
  • 💿 CD-ROM
  • 💿 Laser Disk
  • 💿 Magneto-Optical Disk
  • 💿 CD RW