⌨️ Keyboard


Typing, Keys, Hotkeys, Shortcuts, Writing, Input Device, Computer/Laptop System, Navigation

⌨️ Meaning: A white rectangular board containing keys arranged in the typical format of a computer/laptop keyboard. The ⌨️ Keyboard emoji signifies input, navigation, and a vital part of any electronic that uses it. This emoji may also represent keyboards used in music production.

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How and When to Use the ⌨️ Keyboard Emoji

  • While indicating that a particular piece of content ought to be typed out rather than handwritten, use ⌨️.
  • If you’re sharing an informative post on hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts or putting up a post caption or quote involving the same concept, use ⌨️ – “There are no hotkeys to any place that’s worth going in life ⌨️”.
  • Similarly, ⌨️ can be brought into captions that are parallel with the functions or jargons of a keyboard. For example, “A small input can produce a large output ⌨️”.
  • Use ⌨️ to support professions that mainly revolve around typing, which is the primary usage of a keyboard; content, data entry, coding, etc.
  • Writers, ⌨️ is your scene, completely. You can use it in your social media profile name or in social media posts/stories that are about work, leisure, pretty much anything that revolves around writing and yourself.

Other Names

  • ⌨️ Computer Keyboard
  • ⌨️ Input Device
  • ⌨️ Manual Keyboard
  • ⌨️ Navigation System
  • ⌨️ Keypad
  • ⌨️ Control Board
  • ⌨️ Laptop Keyboard
  • ⌨️ External Keyboard