🖲️ Trackball


Navigation, Selection, Movement, Input Device, Upside Down Mouse, Mouse Replacement

🖲️ Meaning: A round black holder with a pair of matte spots representing buttons that overall enclose a blue ball in between. Sometimes, this emoji is shown with an oval holder and a red ball.

The 🖲️ Trackball emoji essentially represents a replacement for the 🖱️ Mouse. Having the same functions and generally a similar design as the computer mouse, this emoji too signifies navigation and selection.

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How and When to Use the 🖲️ Trackball Emoji

  • If you’re sharing content that has clickable links or any other such formats in it, you may use 🖲️ to signal to your audience that they can click in those specific regions.
  • Since a mouse or a trackball is used to navigate and select options on a computer or laptop device, use 🖲️ to suggest exactly that! For instance, “Scroll into this list and select the ones you like most 🖲️” or “You’ve got to navigate through your options, man 🖲️. I can’t do that for you”.
  • 🖲️ could be used in philosophical frameworks too! “Select the thoughts you want to have and deselect those annoying white noises 🖲️”.
  • You could generally use 🖲️ in computer contexts; it can be a repost of a trackball/computer sale, a post about a computer course, or just a picture of your new system, anything.

Other Names

  • 🖲️ Mouse
  • 🖲️ Upside-Down Mouse
  • 🖲️ Tracking Device
  • 🖲️ Computer Trackball
  • 🖲️ Navigating Device
  • 🖲️ Blue Trackball