💽 Computer Disc


Music, Storage, Mixes, Digital Tape, Recordings, Audio Players, Gaming

💽 Meaning: A circular disc with a hole in between placed within a black case and completed with a white flap-like structure or sticker designed midway to the left.

The 💽 Computer Disc emoji represents a minidisc that’s generally used in audio playing or gaming devices. This emoji signifies storage space especially for music, podcasts and other audio files.

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How and When to Use the 💽 Computer Disc Emoji

  • While sharing content about audio mixes and remixes, use 💽; it can be a new album release, a collection of the best mixes, or even informative reposts about mixing like classes, lessons, workshops, etc.
  • You could also use 💽 while referring to your collection of songs. For example, “I have an entire bundle of classic rock if you want 💽”.
  • 💽 could be brought into contexts that use music, audio, good mixes, and related themes in metaphorical use-cases; post quotes, captions, text messages, etc. For instance, “You can’t touch music, but music can definitely touch you 💽”.
  • If you’re talking about ‘carrying music’ wherever you go, 💽 is the best emoji – “I’ve made the best mix possible for my week-long vacay! 💽”.
  • If you’re sharing content about nostalgic games, current video games, niche gaming genres, etc, bring in the minidisc 💽.

Other Names

  • 💽 Compact Disc
  • 💽 CD
  • 💽 Minidisc
  • 💽 Digital Audio Tape
  • 💽 Music CD
  • 💽 Audio Player Disc
  • 💽 Audio Mixes