💂‍♂️ Man Guard


Protection, Oath, Safety, Bravery, Watch Out For, Safeguarding, Guard Costume, Defending, Soldier, Armed Security

💂‍♂️ Meaning: A shoulder-length description of a man with a bearskin hat and a black and red guard uniform. This emoji refers to the royal guardsman, also known as the Queen’s Guard.

The 💂‍♂️ Man Guard emoji refers to any infantry or cavalry soldier chosen to be the queen’s guard irrespective of the rank and specified duties. This emoji signifies protection, defense, vigilance, dedication, and a certain extent of altruism.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 💂‍♂️ Man Guard Emoji

  • If you’re vowing to protect a secret that someone close told you, you can use 💂‍♂️ in that context.
  • You can also use 💂‍♂️ while indicating that you would look out for someone, either as a favor or as a voluntary action.
  • If you’re feeling stuck in life, immovable and under pressure, you can use 💂‍♂️ in such a conversation. This is not because the queen’s guards own any of these traits, but because these guardsmen seem stationary unless required/ordered to move.
  • If you’re absolutely supportive of your best friend’s dreams or ideas and you’ve got their back no matter what, use 💂‍♂️ to convey that emotion.
  • If you just watched a movie about the queen’s guardsmen, and you’re either posting about it or recommending it to a close someone, then you can use 💂‍♂️ either in the caption, post, or even a text message.

Other Names

  • 💂‍♂️ Guardsman
  • 💂‍♂️ Male Guard
  • 💂‍♂️ Queen’s Guard
  • 💂‍♂️ King’s Guard
  • 💂‍♂️ Queen’s Life Guard
  • 💂‍♂️ Royal Guard
  • 💂‍♂️ Watchman
  • 💂‍♂️ Security
  • 💂‍♂️ British Guardsman
  • 💂‍♂️ Footguard
  • 💂‍♂️ Costume
  • 💂‍♂️ Soldier
  • 💂‍♂️ Sworn Army
  • 💂‍♂️ Protector
  • 💂‍♂️ Defender
  • 💂‍♂️ Escort
  • 💂‍♂️ Warden