🍅 Tomato


Summer, La Tomatina, Health, Nutrition, FRUIT, sensuality, Passion, Versatility

🍅 Meaning: A round, red fruit (yes, tomato is a fruit) with a small green stalk at the top that grows out of a tiny dent. The character is designed with a glaze over the top skin, which is not present on all platforms.

The 🍅 Tomato emoji signifies versatility, given the numerous uses, benefits, and forms it can take. It can also suggest festivities, health, organic living, farming, and sensuality to a certain extent as well.

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How and When to Use the 🍅 Tomato Emoji

  • Tomatoes carry out a very desirable shade of red. Hence, going with the color here, you can use 🍅 while sharing pictures that have it; for instance, it can be a tomato-red car, shoes, lip color, dress, etc.
  • La Tomatina!! If you’re sharing information about the festival or just pictures or videos from the celebration, then, you ought to use 🍅 in those post captions.
  • Sharing anything edible with loads of tomato or only tomato in it? Like special homemade tomato ketchup, a tomato loaded pizza, anything, you can use 🍅 in the captions.
  • If you and your buddy, your significant other, or your kid dressed up as tomatoes for any dress event, and you’re sharing pictures of the same, use 🍅 in those post captions as well!
  • Besides tomatoes also express sensuality. Bearing that in mind, you can use 🍅 in any context that related to sensuality, sexuality, love, and lust. It can be photography, an art repost, a painting, anything.

Other Names

  • 🍅 Love Apple
  • 🍅 Tomato Fruit
  • 🍅 Tomate
  • 🍅 Tamatar
  • 🍅 Red Fruit
  • 🍅 Cherry Tomato
  • 🍅 Better Boy (ahahahah)
  • 🍅 Early Girl (what is happening)
  • 🍅 Celebrity Tomato (these are not made up)