Category: 🍔 Food & Drink

🍆 Eggplant

Ingredient, Cooking, Taste, Toxicity, Male Genitalia, Vitamins, Nightshade Family

🥔 Potato

Health, Nutrition, Confusion, Clueless, Couch Potato, Physically Unfit, Undesirable

🥕 Carrot

Improved Eyesight, Health, Nutrition, Root Veggie, Bunnies, Gardening

🌽 Ear of Corn

Health, Agriculture, Farming, Grains, Nutrition, Corny, Popcorn, Sweet Corn

🫑 Bell Pepper

Taste, Flavor, Health, Organic, Vegetarian, Subtle Spice, Texture, Crunchiness

🥒 Cucumber

Cool, Composed, Summer, Relaxing, Beauty, Anti-Inflammatory, Cooking Farming

🥬 Leafy Green

Organic, Health, Nutrition, Light Diet, Salad, Dieting, Vegetarian, Farming

🥦 Broccoli

Health, Organic, Greens, Diet, Farming, Green Vegetable, Tiny Tree

🧄 Garlic

Spice, Pungency, Protection, Health, Detoxification, Warding Off Evil, Halloween, Bad Odor, Smelly

🧅 Onion

Tears, Spice, Pungency, Layers, Privacy, Masked, Cooking, Flavor, Smelly

🍄 Mushroom

Fungus, Edible, Cooking, Super Mushroom Mario, Shrooms, Psychedelic

🥜 Peanuts

Health, Good Fat, Good Cholesterol, Nutrition, Less Pay, Farming, Agriculture

🌰 Chestnut

Nutrition, Squirrels, Health, Color, Winter, Hibernation Season

🍞 Bread

Food, Toast, Breakfast, Earnings, Breadwinner, Hard Work, Bakery

🥐 Croissant

Pastry, Baked Food, Bakery, France, Savoury, Delicacy, Snack

🫓 Flatbread

Main Course, Food, Nutrition, Hard Work, Earning, Pizza, Roti, Tortilla, and a gazillion other types

🍨 Ice Cream

Summer Dessert, Ice Cream Scoops, Ice Cream Bowl, Special Occasions

🥨 Pretzel

German Snack, Savoury, Sweet, Infinity, Loops, Intertwined, Charity, Love