♀️ Female Sign


Femininity, Female, Feminism, Womanhood, Venus, Transgender Women, All Women

♀️ Meaning: A small purple circle attached to a short cross at the bottom of the rim. Sometimes, this emoji is shown with a pink background (ugh. speak of cliches)

The ♀️ Female Sign emoji signifies femininity in all forms, shapes, and sizes. It is sometimes used for things that are thought to be feminine. Please refrain from gendering non-living things. This emoji focuses only on the gender of a person.

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How and When to Use the ♀️ Female Sign Emoji

  • Apart from being a ‘female sign’, ♀️ is also the symbol of Venus, the planet. And since Venus is so deeply associated with femininity, this emoji works both ways. Hence, if you’re sharing astrological posts/reposts revolving around Venus, ♀️ is most welcome.
  • While sharing female-oriented content, relating to feminism, women empowerment, education, politics, etc., you could bring in ♀️.
  • If you identify yourself as a female, then ♀️ could be an addition to your social media profile; the name, bio, captions, and the like.
  • Speaking of captions, if you’re typing out a quote about femininity, being female, or being a woman for a related post or a random one, you can use ♀️. Like, “My mother once said, “Stop backing down, and be a woman” That changed my whole perspective of life ♀️”.
  • Even while posting or reposting pictures of female beauty, fashion, workout, body image, self-love, anything that has a female in it, is based on a female(s), or is for females could definitely use ♀️.

Other Names

  • ♀️ Feminine
  • ♀️ Femininity
  • ♀️ Female Orientation
  • ♀️ Women
  • ♀️ Ladies
  • ♀️ Trans-Women
  • ♀️ Venus Symbol
  • ♀️ Woman Symbol