🦄 Unicorn


Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Mythical Magic, Elusiveness, Good Luck, Pride, Innocence, Childhood, Femininity, Whimsical, Cute

🦄 Meaning: The head of a unicorn, the mythical creature known for having a horse-like body but with a pointy horn extending from the center of its forehead. It has a colorful appearance, with its bright mane and matching muzzle, and is depicted looking to the side.

This emoji signifies a sense of innocence and fantasy. The Unicorn symbol also suggests femininity, magic, and enchantment. It’s also the spirit animal of the LGBTQ movement. Various platforms differ in their depiction of this emoji in terms of design.

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How and When to Use the 🦄 Unicorn Emoji

  • 🦄 is often used when one wants to appear cute and innocent, even childlike.
  • A magical and whimsical mood can be represented well with 🦄.
  • The elusiveness of a person can be metaphorized through this 🦄 emoji. For example, a person who is always hard to reach can be compared to the sighting an actual unicorn.
  • Femininity can be depicted just as well through a 🦄.

Other Names

  • 🦄 Horned Animal
  • 🦄 Narwhal
  • 🦄 Mythical Horned Creature
  • 🦄 Fantasy
  • 🦄 Pride
  • 🦄 Horned Horse
  • 🦄 Pony
  • 🦄 LGBT