🚓 Police Car


Police Force, Safety, Discipline, Patrol, Vigilance, Scrutiny, Alertness

🚓 Meaning: A left-facing police car, horizontally painted half in black, half in white, with a red siren on the roof, a window, door, rearview mirror, a backlight, a pair of wheels, and a shield silhouette painted on the side.

The 🚓 Police Car emoji is one of the three primary emergency services of any country. It suggests the mode of transport used by the police force, thus signifying safety, vigilance, patrolling, scrutiny, and discipline.

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How and When to Use the 🚓 Police Car Emoji

  • Use 🚓 while responding to a virtual offense (in a playful context, of course). For instance, “Whatever you just said is unacceptable. And my answer is, NO PINEAPPLE ON MY PIZZA 🚓”.
  • If you were a spectator to an alarming incident in the neighborhood that caught the police’s eye, you can use 🚓 while texting someone about it.
  • If you’re dressed as a police officer for any dress-up event, you can use 🚓 while indicating “I’m on my way 🚓” (this emoji adds more character even to a fictional police officer’s character).
  • While posting or reposting content that involves the cops; it can be a post about a new case, an active one, or just a tribute kind of a post to the police force, you may use 🚓 in the caption.
  • If you’re sharing a birthday post or an appreciation post for someone who works in the police department, 🚓 can be in the caption.

Other Names

  • 🚓 Police Vehicle
  • 🚓 Patrol Car
  • 🚓 Cop Car
  • 🚓 Prowler
  • 🚓 Squad Car
  • 🚓 Radio Car
  • 🚓 Radio Motor Patrol
  • 🚓 Cop Mobile